Why is Allmilmö One of The Best High-End European Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers?

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With uncompromising quality and unparalleled innovation, Allmilmö is among the best luxury, high end European cabinet manufacturers. With minimalistic detailing and geometric simplicity, Allmilmo cabinetry is unlike western cabinetry.

Allmilmö’s lacquer process is very unique. It is not like any other lacquer. Allmilmö uses a hand processing technique. Each lacquered front has seven layers, and each layer is air dryed before the next layer is applied. This is the difference in quality. This process gives the cabinet incredible longevity and prevents cracking. Allmilmö also makes all their own parts and doors. Many of the other company go out and purchase doors and components, whereas Allmilmö makes everything from scratch. This is why we are thrilled to design with the line. We have incredible flexibility to customize with any color or any wood species a client requests. All of the exotic wood is farmed, and the company is extremely environmentally conscious. Because everything is made in house at the factory, we can customize everything…thus the motto… Any color, any wood, any size.

Allmilmö specializes in book-matched veneering including sustainable exotic hardwoods, as well as the ultimate in handle-less, lacquered styles.

With showrooms all over the world, Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly (Allmilmö Long Island) is honored to be one of the five showrooms in the US selected to represent the brand.  Allmilmo was founded by Heinz Milewsky in 1965, and Lothar C. Birkenfeld is the founder and president of Allmilmö USA Corp with corporate headquarters in Paramus, New Jersey. Allmilmö’s wide range of expertise includes furnishing luxury, hi-rises and intricate residential projects around the globe. Allmilmö employs some of the world’s most talented designers and researchers to develop concepts for the next best technology and forward-thinking designs for kitchen and bath cabinetry as well as wall units and specialty media rooms.

Some notable items:

Allmilmö is able to incorporate any professional wine-storage cooling system into any of it cabinets, including wood, laminate, contemporary or classic. Shown here are cabinets with a finish in taupe and gray. Electronic sensors quietly and easily open drawers and lift doors. (See how this technology works here on our KitchenDesigns.com/blog)

Perhaps you would like a hidden kitchen? Its closing mechanism is built on a retractable curved track, which completely conceals the kitchen cabinets and appliances. When closed, it looks like a seamless wood surface.

The Allmilmö drawer inserts and pull-outs are absolutely incredible. They come in different sizes and materials – from 1 foot to 8 feet and are available in aluminum, beech, walnut. or light maple wood.

The drawers and pull-outs are fully extendible with the AIRMATIC or TIP -TEC systems. There are numerous accessories available for all the drawers and pull-outs. 



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