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Allmilmo Long Island at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly

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Allmilmo Wins Markt Intern Performance Award: A biennial survey conducted by ‘Markt Intern,’ a leading German market research company, conducted a performance kitchen test within eleven categories:

 Competitiveness
 Ability to carry out promised quality
 Development of new innovations,
 Product design,
…to name a few…

Twenty-nine of the leading German kitchen manufacturers were evaluated, with Allmilmö achieving the best average grade of 1.76 within all eleven categories, and was justly awarded FIRST PLACE! Here are the top 10:

1. allmilmö
2. Rempp-Kuchen
3. Warendorf Kuchen
4. Zeyko
5. Poggenpohl
6. Bauformat
7. Schmidt-Kuchen
8. Ballerina
9. Rational
10. Bax-Küchen

Read more in the Allmilmo Newsletter and stop by Page 2 Dealer News (photo below) that announces Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly’s new exclusive Allmilmo Long Island dealership AND describes Ken and I as a Dynamic Duo (someone tell our kids). Also see Page 3 –News and photos from the IMM Cologne 2011

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Allmilmo dealerphoto

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