Glass Slipper Cocktail Shaker by Boardman Silversmiths

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As featured on television’s Food Network! Available at 125 West, this Classic Shaker Company collection brings you the essential element of this timeless rite with cocktail shakers designed and crafted to capture the spirit and elegance of the modern age. Echoing the art deco influences of the early twentieth century, these shakers are the kind typically produced from the 1920s through the 1940s. This beautifully proportioned classic cocktail shaker has an elegantly rounded handle and top. The handcrafted pewter has a bright finish and is made in the USA.

Each pewter Classic Shaker is lead free and hand polished by craftsmen using imported pumice and hand buffed to a flawless bright finish. The bright finish is similar in appearance to polished sterling but does not require the same upkeep, retaining its luster without ever tarnishing.

Classic Shakers can be monogrammed and personalized for a modest charge. All Classic Shakers incorporate an exclusive, easy pouring strainer in the spout, so you can serve your cocktails directly from the shaker!

Glass Slipper Classic Shaker

  • Shaker top in handcrafted pewter in bright finish
  • Body in hand-blown glass available in clear, blue, rose, shard, and Vaseline green
  • Dimensions 4″ base, 11″ height, 4-¾” maximum width

FREE SHIPPING! Allow about seven days for delivery of your Glass Slipper cocktail shaker. Click image to purchase.



Clear Glass – $ 595.95 


Rose Glass – $ 595.95 


Blue Glass – $ 595.95 


Shard Glass – $ 595.95 


Green Glass – $ 595.95 




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