Classic Alfi Carafes Made in Germany in Wicker & Jewel Tones

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Alfi Juwel Burgundy Thermal Carafe

This classic thermal carafe was designed originally in 1918 for the Pullman cars of the American railroads. All Juwel models feature the AlfiDur vacuum hard-glass liner, metal body and handle, and hinged cover with stopper. The Juwel Lacquered Aluminum carafe is available in three finishes: Ivory Cream, Midnight Black, and Velvet Burgundy. It is also available in chrome and wicker as shown below. The wicker style features the chrome-plated brass carafe covered by a rustic handmade brown wicker work. Click photos for purchase information. Carafe size 8 cups (1.0 liter)

Made in Germany, Alfi is the world leader in thermal carafes for home and restaurant use. Quality is never compromised, and each Alfi insulated thermal carafe is created with a combination of elegant high-performance design, hand craftsmanship, and high-quality materials. Its double-walled toughened hard-glass liner creates a vacuum between the walls, allowing neither heat nor cold to escape. An Alfi carafe filled at 200°F will hold liquid hot at least 145°F for 12 hours (more)! Alfi carafes are durable for many years of everyday service, while the insulation of each thermal carafe is backed by a 5-year warranty.






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