About Allmilmo

Allmilmö is a leading premium brand manufacturer of high quality kitchen and bath furniture. Allmilmö Long Island at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly is the company’s sixth new showroom in the U.S. Allmilmö has operations globally, with showroom locations on four continents, and we are honored that opening an exclusive dealership in our Long Island showroom was a priority for the company. Kitchens are built to the highest standards of craftsmanship, using exceptional materials.

This European cabinetry is beautiful and unique, and the addition of its distinct style line will expand our ability to help our residential clients as well as architects, builders, and trade professionals.

The products convince with uncompromising quality, modern design, perfect functionality, innovations and many layout ideas which allow our designers to implement the kitchen and bath of your dreams. The varied design possibilities of Allmilmö kitchens require qualified specialty designers, and our design experts strive for quality and perfection in detail.

Allmilmö is a worldwide brand–internationally acclaimed for design, quality, and craftsmanship. We have an enormous choice of different cabinet types, color, wood veneer book matched (high-gloss and matt), and a wide array of incredible interior accessories. Our motto is “ANY COLOR, ANY WOOD, ANY SIZE.” This gives our designers maximum flexibility for customization.

We carry more than 30 varieties of wood veneers including Wenge, Lemon tree, Olive tree, Makassar, Ebony, Teak, Pine, Beech, Tineo, and Zebrano. Any wood can be sourced from market provided it meets U.S. and German sustainability guidelines and is not environmentally protected. Lacquer fronts receive seven layers of lacquer and are air-dried ensuring optimal quality, longevity, and protection from potential environmental factors such as moisture, light, and heat. Lacquer finishes include textured, matt, and high gloss. Allmilmo cabinetry is at the forefront of contemporary styling, specializing in book-matched veneering including sustainable exotic hardwoods, as well as the ultimate in handle-less, lacquered styles. Rumor has it that Allmilmo will be introducing stone cabinetry soon (We’ll keep you posted).

Our cabinetry is divided into stylish groups that help delineate different approaches to décor.

Modern ART uses a minimalistic; no handle door front design that utilizes clear lines. The award-winning WAVE kitchen’s carved door fronts (shown below) create a texture and pattern resulting in a new design concept never seen before in the industry. Drawers open with a light touch. From lacquer to veneer finishes, the look is museum quality.

Design ART has characteristics that are softer but still clean and sleek.

Classic ART introduces traditional lines from country style to sophisticated.

See the beauty of Allmilmö cabinetry, its fine attention to detail, and forward thinking technology in our photo galleries on this site.